When working with startups, we know that they (and their team) need to dream and create new universes, new unforeseen markets, even if that means taking a non-customarily approach to the Law and the regulations, they need to push the envelope without breaking it

Startups worldwide have been taking these new approaches; take for example, Airbnb that challenged local hotel zoning laws, or Cabify that challenged taxi-licensing requirements in many jurisdictions.

We successfully negotiated and obtained the first ride-sharing or car-hailing regulation in Latin America, acting as counsel to Cabify.

We are a law firm focused on helping international startups set-up in Mexico, Mexican startups launch their operations abroad, and international VC funds invest in Mexican startups.

 We are used to work with founders, management team, advisors, angel investors, and venture capital firms.

We can help you, if you are looking to answer these questions: 

  1. How to structure a sharing-economy business?

  2. how are blockchain and cryptocurrencies regulated? 

  3. How to protect intellectual property?

  4. How to hire, fire, and compensate employees?

  5. How to hold regular board meetings and ensure company officials honor their duties to shareholders?

  6. How to advertise in compliance with federal rules?

  7. How to enter into agreements to partner with other companies?

  8. How to maintain user privacy?

  9. How to sell things online?

  10. How to respond to government requests for user data?

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Rembrandt's NightWatch 1642. Oil con canvas, 363 x 438 cm. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: " I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come." - The Night's Watch oath