When working with startups, our primary concern is to LET THEM DO THEIR WORK, and to let them forget about the legal side of things, while being thoroughly protected from a legal standpoint.

We know that the 2 most important things for startups are that they develop their product/service and that they sell it, for the development part we can help you by generating any type of association or employment agreements, as well as NDAs for your team, and for the selling part, we can help you by drafting any operational agreements or terms of service you might need.


Services related with launching a startup (with a forward focus on scalability and venture finance):

- Founders Agreement

- Incorporation of Legal Entity and Bylaws

- Issuance of Share Certificates

- Vesting Schedules

- Employment Agreements

- Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreements

- Nondisclosure Agreements

- Registration with the Tax Collection Agency 

- Office Leases

- Privacy Policies

- Advertising Issues


Operational contracts normally required:

- Software as a Service Agreements (SaaS)

- Software/Application Development Agreements

- Terms of Service/Sale for Web and Mobile Applications

- End-User License Agreements

- Consulting Agreements